North Mountain Rugs, Wardensville, WV
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North Mountain Rugs


Yes, welcome to the small and picturesque town of Wardensville, West Virginia where sits North Mountain Rugs.

We are a small family-owned workshop that works exclusively in the finest and highest quality of 100% wool.  Our offerings come to you with almost 40 years experience in creating hand-dyed woolens, wool kits, patterns and hand-dyed wool for your rug hooking, appliqué and Penny rug needs --- and more.

Our kits include a picture of the finished piece, instructions and a full compliment of the highest quality 100% hand-dyed wool.  Categories of kits and patterns include designs for bed rugs (quilts), table rugs, candle rugs, wall hangings and more.  We also offer our patterns as stand-alone so you may create from your own stash.  If you find your stash is in need of a color infusion, we also offer our hand-dyed wool in a varied rainbow of hues.

This web site will continue to grow and expand so visit us often.

Come and join us in the ever-enjoyable craft of working with wool.

Once again, welcome!